Sunday, September 9, 2012


After the shades of the day
With the dusk clearing moon's way
Twilight approaches the horizon
When Darkness brings its covers down
Life takes a new turn for us
It prepares for a new dawn to come

Time of twilight gives us a message
To deal with troubles in life's passage
It teaches us to bury the burden of dead
It teaches us the path where our life's to be led
Deep in the darkness lies the fact of twilight
Learn the lesson as get benefited you might

Learn the reason to leave the burden of dead
Relations are what twilight has referred
March with the time is what it teaches
Come over the past is what it preaches
Twilight it might be for your stage of life
Take the learning and don't let it leach you with knife

Come over the shades of relations 
Let the darkness play its role
For the twilight of the dead relation
Don't mar the life in the prison
Twilight is not just at the dusk you know
It does hit the time of dawn for darkness to bow


Morgan Dragonwillow said...

Enjoyed reading your poem and I look forward to reading more. Would love to have you join us for #OctPoWriMo in October. It is for blogging poets to write 31 poems in 31 days and share them in a blog hop. Hope to see you there!


Mayank said...

Sure thing Morgan, but I write in multiple languages :) so would they count that I hope :)