Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy B'day Aarav

Today is the day when he was born
He made me feel special 
He made me feel like I was reborn
This day rechristened me as the Father

I saw him grow from a little tiny baby 
I saw him grow taller and brighter
He made me feel once again young
I felt like living my childhood once again

Today I celebrate his birthday
Recalling the moments we spend together
Recalling the way we share our experiences
Recalling the way he teaches me true meaning of joy

My Lil Son is now a Grown up Lad
He means world to me, to me he means a lot
For he marked the essence transformed me
He transformed me from an ordinary man to a Father

Happy B'day Aarav 

Note: the poem has been written on Behalf of a Father for his Son. 

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