Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Relations - Time is the Controller

Its not in my control
Nor is in your
Any relation that thrives
Just depends on time
The feelings grow or lessen
The recognition rises or falls
The likeliness changes grades
And the fondness shows shades
All the things in a relation
Mature or go through Dilution
But calling things Beyond Time
Is not worth a single Dime
Its only the feeling of true love 
that stands through the Shades of time, 
its only the true love 
that stands the tests of time.

Friday, November 2, 2007

For My Sweetheart (To Be)

Here I am writing few words that I think I would be prefer to recite to my sweetheart (to be J) They are not related to anyone whom I know in person J

Today I thought to express

My Feeling that I often suppress

But think being a novice

My emotions lacked that spice

I never knew how to bow

For my Love for thee to Show

So when I came over on thy side

Hardly I knew the rules to abide

In the process thee got hurt

And I hit the rough & dirt

Hence I sat to write

To make thy smile a little bright

Please read this full

Before thee think it’s void and null

I feel for thee is for sure

My Love is tender and Pure

I hope the words do convey

Without getting thee to dismay

I Love thee, I want thee to know

For thy Love I now Bow