Friday, November 2, 2007

For My Sweetheart (To Be)

Here I am writing few words that I think I would be prefer to recite to my sweetheart (to be J) They are not related to anyone whom I know in person J

Today I thought to express

My Feeling that I often suppress

But think being a novice

My emotions lacked that spice

I never knew how to bow

For my Love for thee to Show

So when I came over on thy side

Hardly I knew the rules to abide

In the process thee got hurt

And I hit the rough & dirt

Hence I sat to write

To make thy smile a little bright

Please read this full

Before thee think it’s void and null

I feel for thee is for sure

My Love is tender and Pure

I hope the words do convey

Without getting thee to dismay

I Love thee, I want thee to know

For thy Love I now Bow


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