Wednesday, November 3, 2010

दास्तान आंसुओं की

आंसुओं की दास्ताँ न पूछ मुझसे
कि आंसू तो यूँही निकल पड़ते हैं
थामना भी चाहूँ इन्हें
मगर तेरी याद में बह निकलते हैं

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dedicated Corruption

Looking Back when it was at Prime
Government went to declare it Crime
Corruption was taken as an Offense
To the extent it penetrated in Defense
Height was when it entered the Coffin
With our Ministry eating foreign Muffin

Long back they went buying Cannons
Seems they took some from Memmons
Money moved with Leaders Hand in Hand
Leaving the Nation on the Bus Stand
Probe started and went for ages
Culprits even went out of life's cages

There were many other scams to count
We can sit to pile and create a mount
They went to eat the Animal Food
Telephone connections went to Wood
Security cordons put to stake for Land
Irregularities went to Wireless Band

But one thing that came clear
Dedication to Corruption is here
It is here to stay with no move
Even if it cause Government to cove
I say regularize the commission
Cut the pay to move this Motion