Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beautiful Mind

Sitting lazily under the open sky
Enjoying the breeze & beauty of nature
I was pushed to the nostalgic memories
The sweet & sour memories of life

Gliding through the innocent learning of childhood
Gazing past the mysterious adolescent age
I arrived at the footsteps of adulthood
The moments when hormones strike the chords

The moments of first flirt, the first crush
The moments of a beautiful first ever proposal
I closed my mind to feel those moments through my soul
I wondered at the treasure hidden in the mind

While I was lost in the memories of past
The brush of mild breeze reminded me of her
The one who reignited the spark of love in me
The one who made me believe in love once again

That breeze brought me back to the reality
Harshness of reality shook me up
Memories of recent happenings came through
Bitterness filled in for all those thoughts

The mind that was making me feel divine
Acted as the devil in disguise
Beauty of the mind disappeared for me
All that remained was destiny's evil plea

It made me wonder if its the Beautiful Mind
Or is it a devil of its own kind
I was sitting puzzled under the open sky
Beauty of nature now seemed to be evil's ploy

1 comment:

Mariah Raman said...

Awesome words, well chosen and well woven. I wish you were a tad bit younger ;)