Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond Time's Haze

When I see beyond the time's haze
all that comes to my gaze
is the truth of my life that I lived
all that from the past I derived

I see the glimpse of love and hate
I see the time lost to date
When I see at the time bygone
I find all the rules that were pressed on

When I try to look at the glimpses of love
I don't see you as my dove
though you were always there for me
you never proved yourself to be the key

When I try to look at the glimpses of hate
all I find spill over to date
though you were there always as my hope
but you never let me catch the hanging rope

When I see beyond time's haze
I see the glimpses of love and hate at gaze
all I see is the truth of life I lived
all I see is not right to be believed

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