Friday, September 7, 2012

Success and Failure

Over the edge of success
Lies the fact of life
Over the edge of failure
Lies the Fact of knowledge

People weigh the life with success
Forgetting the worth of a failure
People hail the success
Forgetting the role of Failure

Its the failure that paves the way for success
Its the failure that teaches things not to do
Its the failure that makes us brave
Failure is no the sign of Losers

Success may be marked as the milestone
Failure is the journey of life
Success just lasts for the moment
Moments of failure build us strong

If we want to embark the glory of success
We need to hold our esteem during failure
Success can't be achieve until we learn
The things that are not right to do


Freddie said...

So very true.

Even Edison made a electric bulb after 100 attempts .
His famous saying." 100 ways, how not to make an electric bulb."

Mayank said...

Rightly Said Fred Da, it is very critical to know How Not to Do the things and Success never teaches us that. Innovation is lead by the series of Failures that teach the things that we should correct to achieve success