Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love's Melodrama

Waging the War of Survival 
Wading through Life's tough Water
I had landed on the shore of your love
You made me feel you are my Dove

Turbulence of life seemed to be over
Situations no more were of a loser
You were so up close and kind
You were always there for me to find

Moments turned to hours and hours to days
I kept sinking to your lovely ways
You made me feel wanted in love
You made me realize the feel of love

Just when I felt I started winning the war
Cam out from nowhere a Czar
The tide it brought swept away the sand 
I was left drawing far away from the land

There I saw you going away from me
Turning your sight away from me
You behaved like you were just another pawn
Came in just to mow the lonely lawn

I was once again left stranded in water
Again thrown to the ocean with no charter
There again start my War to Survival
Once again left behind life for life's revival

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