Monday, September 10, 2012

I live in a Nation

I live in a nation where Ganges is drying
I live in a nation where humanity is dying
I live in a nation where castism is ruling
I live in a nation where democracy is crying

The nation that was envisaged by heroes
The nation that once brought the zero
Today that nation is bleeding in autocracy
Today that nation is reeling in insurgency

Those who attack the nation are treated
Those who bring out the truth are muted
The nation where poverty is now a religion
Where fundamentalist thrive in every region

The law of the land is against it own citizen
They are trying to curb the media & netizen
Terrorists are pampered as national guests
Journalists are gagged with their own vests

I live in a nation where they want us deaf & dumb
I live in a nation where they want us to be blind
The nation that taught us to fight for freedom
Is the nation where we open our mouth very seldom

1 comment:

Freddie said...

Wt do u expect from a party of goondas and goons.

Churchill had predicted this 67 years ago.
Sumerising, do we deserve Independence?

More over a ruling party like this? every alternate day an scm is unearthed to the tune of billions and trillions.And no one is taken to task. Money is siphoned on an regular and systematic basis.

The Indian public has a dead conscience.