Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart's Voes - Abstract Poem

My Heart wants to Cry Tonight
It doesn't feel anything other than twilight
I try to make it see the what it might
Try to tell it that the future certainly is bright

My Heart today Resigned to Destiny
It has gone on to declare the Mutiny
Leaving the others of its kind
It has started behaving like a mind

My Heart today wants to rest
It doesn't want to feel any zest
It says stop me bugging you pest
It wants to dwell in a peaceful nest

What do I now tell my heart
It behaves as it has missed its' cart
It was hit by the loves' dart
To find itself hanging at a mart

How do I tell my heart to not cry
how do I tell my heat just to try
To try and beat up normal 
Just do its work as usual and formal?

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