Friday, May 25, 2012


Why oh Why do you trace me
Why don't you let me live with my love
When I just want you to be with me
You just go ditching me
But now when I was living in love
Why you had to come back to me

Why is it that you keep bugging me
Why you want to keep hugging me
When I don't want you around
Why do you stand in on that ground
When I need you the most
Why you have to just disappear in your nest

You always been playing that ugly game
When I seek you, you hide in some frame
Then you come around and put a blame
A blame that I showed you the flame
A blame that I called you names
Why oh Why you have to do that to me

Why is it with me O'my Destiny
Why do you play that dirty game
Why is it that you go ditching me
And come around when I love to live with love
Why oh Why do you have to bug me
Why oh Why can't you always hug me....

1 comment:

Rebellion said...

Those who live with Destiny's crutches, never grow out out of their life, stop cribbing about destiny and make it your slave