Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mercy - Random Woven Words

Often I thought about treacherous acts
But could never understand  them
Used to always try to understand
Why people stab someone on the back

Then life came with its own way
I was left high and dry on the highway
A friend who had obsession of claim
Went to set the life on chivalrous aim

Shocked I was to learn the tantrum
Shattered I was with the outcome
Disoriented was the word for their life
She just disengaged his beloved wife

She wanted to hide him from the world
She wanted to snatch him from the world
What claim was there in the entire show
When he was not even ready to bow

She went in to slit his life
All she use was word for knife
He was shocked to her that side
There was no place for him to hide

Often I thought about treacherous acts
Until this case opened the facts
I was shocked to learn the lesson
All I could see was unfavorable season

He went from pillar to post
But memories haunted him life a ghost
Shattered I was with the final outcome
There could have been mercy, at least some!!!

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