Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waking up from a Dream

The day when I woke up
From my dream of love
I was sad, I was gloomy
For I was facing the reality

Life seemed all to harsh
Without my beloved's charm
She was gone is what I knew
It was like a bitter pill to chew

I was wondering if it were true
Couldn't accept till curtains drew
I always thought She was mine
Bright in the dreams like Sun Shine

Never did I think otherwise
Always thought She was nice
Now Lying near my pool
I feel I had been a fool

She walked out of my life
Poking me with a Ivory knife
She left me here all alone
She is now a history all gone

How do I wipe my life's slate
How do I improve my life's state
It's too hard to forget what she did
and to heal my wound that's deep