Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show Down Under - Indian Cricket

Members of Indian Cricket team
Seem to be licking the cream
There show Down Under in Australia
Reminds me of a folk dance Kalbelia

All I get to know from the news
They are all tucked in their crews
Dancing to the tune of chin music
Played by OZ bowlers not on mosaic

Their below par dismal performance
Count to shame not to innocence
All that they have been doing
Rather than standing tall they are bowing

This is not for which they are known
Its all disgrace what they have shown
None of them have displayed the knock
All of them appear to be ship on the dock

For them it might be loss of game
But of the nation of millions it's a shame
The team once was high on the rank
Now seems to be drawing near the bank

It's High time that they gear up show
Forgetting their attire of tie and bow
They need to now get the act together
To have at least one shining feather

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