Sunday, January 22, 2012

News Reel

Sitting in the comfort of my room
Listening to news and cursing groom
For I heard he burnt the bride
For dowry that hurt his pride
Alas!! was the word I could say
I feel sad for her going away!!

But that was not the only thing
Next in line was a far cry to sing
Demonstrator threw a shoe
On a Leader, out there to woo
Wow!! was the way I could exclaim
What do people do to get some fame?

Another news was more of terror
A thing that raises my anger
They went on for yet another blast
This news just left me aghast
Why do they on the name of religion
Kill innocent citizens of this nation?

Then came in the Breaking News
This was about a Politician & the Crews
It shared yet another Scam and Mess
The way they stashed Money and Cash
They just had all their way
To fill their coffers and sway away!!

I changed the Channel to listen something better
Started listening to a hosts Chit Chatter
But then that didn't do much of a magic
As the host stated the incident that was tragic
There she was talking a case & yelling
Someone's rape story she was telling..

If this is what we call the news
If this is it that gets brewed
It just doesn't make one feel better
It seems to be hell of ugly platter
It's not something that glitters like gold
It's not for what God made us so bold!!

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