Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Plea to Sleep

Why do you shy from me
Where did you hide yourself
Why don't you show up
When I need you the most

Often you have weird timing
You sound Hoarse than rhyming
You seem to be so far and away
Increasing is the distance in a way

I am  mesmerized for  indeed
For the way you playing
I am not sure but why
You making me miss you

The reason I look for you
Is just to get a little cozy
The reason why I chase you
Is just that I need you

Why don' you treat me
The way your forms treat others
O' my sleep, please do tell me
Why do you deprive me of your embrace

Please listen to my plea
Please honor my wish
I request you to be with me
O' my sleep when I need you the most!!!

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