Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's tough to make her understand
It's tough to understand her
It's the most delicate situation
When I deal with her

She is my best Well Wisher
She is my best friend
She holds the key to my life
When she is around me

Such Lovely is my relation with her
Such Divine is my bond with her
I would die to see her smile
I would live to make her smile

I miss her when I don't see her
I miss her when I don't talk to her
She is my life's instructor
Yes, She is my lovely Mother

Yes - She is my lovely mother

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Mayank said...


Thanks for the comment, but please mark it a point that I do not write poems or any blog post based on my personal life or a feeling originating in my real life.

My Posts are woven on the basis of my thoughts and have nothing to do with anyone living or dead.....Certainly they DO NOT represent my feelings