Thursday, October 4, 2012

Swim with Tide

Is it the destiny's ride
Is it life's path that's wide
That made me swim against the tide

When swimming against the tide
I felt destiny took me for a ride
I don't know whether it was wrong or right
But I still swam against the tide

I tried my level best
to get a shoulder to rest
But nothing came my way 
Until I met her that day

We both were swimming against the tide
We were both feeling destiny's ride
That meeting opened out mind
And we felt our life is kind

Holding hands we went in with the flow
We felt alltogether a different glow
Before we knew, we were swimming with tide
That is where we felt destiny on our side

Swimming against the tide was our way
We found that we were to sway 
Swimming against the tide
Was taking us to the wrong side

It was hard to swim against the tide
We were wrong for what we tried
The reverse swimming ride
Brought our life on the same side!!

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