Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coffee Tale

When I am tired and topsy
I go out to have a coffee
That sip full of caffeine
Helps me run even if its raining

When I am sleepy and out
I have coffee to field the bout
My every tissue give a shout
My every tissue starts to rout

A cup of coffee does those wonders
Whether in snow or in showers
A cup of coffee helps me get warm
A cup of coffee never does any harm

When I go out to have a coffee
I feel as if I am out to get a trophy
This is where I met her on the way
To notice the loveliest of the sway

She too love coffee like me
To propose to her I went on my knee
Over a coffee finally I proposed
She would agree that I supposed

Now in love coffee is what I drink
In her acceptance to the limit I brink
When with her I have coffee
I feel it's my life's ultimate trophy!!

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