Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Whatever you do where ever you go
Politicians will always find you
Be it your home or the street
Politicians will always find you

Whether you support Anna or Kejri
Or you support Amma or Didi
Behenji and Madam will always find you
They will always be out there to lure you

They will promise reforms
They will promise noble norms
They will show you all the cause
Their promises will never pause

You will always curse them 
But they will still bear a name
Be it assembly or parliament
They will live to seize a department

But when it would come for time
Their actions and words will not rhyme
They will always refer you as dear
They will be shameless to fear

They do all this to win a vote
They don't even shy to give a note
Their promises stop to shower
The day they win to come to power

There is no end to their antics
Their actions always find the critics
But they never tend to improve
For that's what the profession is to prove

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