Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life's Message

Life and me often talk with each other.  I often tell my life -

Give me that smile, give me that ray
Let me at least know what you have to say
Give me that smile, give me that hope
Let me at least learn the way to cope

Life sometimes replies and tells me -

I have given you the chance
Why you let the devils dance
Why don't you live in peace
Why don't you let the war cease

I tell my life -

It's not me who misuses the chance
It's my destiny that lets devil's dance
I want to live in peace & harmony
But my destiny gives only pain & agony

Life tells me - 

O sweet child O'mine
Don't call your destiny a swine
It is just another face of mine
Just that it has few pines

You need to adjust to its ways
Don't let it to add to your dismays
Don't look at the days that are Grey
Listen to the way it wants you to sway

Match with the rhythm of your destiny
March with the steps that is says
When you fight with it, you spoil my game
I am here for you to tame 

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