Friday, October 5, 2012

Alcohol Issue

I have a big time issue
Alcohol runs in my tissues
I know the money gets misused
I know my brain gets abused

I wanna try to get over this habit
I don't want myself to run a rabbit
I don't want to lose life's race
I wanna get back the shine on my face

I seek help from the Gods
To help me get set with all the odds
The issue of Alcohol is ruining my life
It's cutting my heart into slices

I want to quit drinking
For my life is ruining
I want to get get rid of this habit
I don't want myself to be the rabbit

I have lost the pace in life
I have lost the edge of knife
O'God help in my pledge
O'God help me to get back the edge
Note** - Please read this as a Work of Art as I do not have any Alcohol Problem

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