Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your Swings

You swing on your decisions 
as if
You playing a jigsaw puzzle
or if
You sitting on a See-saw

Whenever I spend time with you
I feel elated and happy
But the moment you turn away from me
You seem to be forgetting my existence
It so seems that
You just deny to accept my existence

Your swing of moods is dangerous
as if
You gonna forget the good times
as if 
You gonna bury the glory of past

Whenever you are around me
Be in person or in my thoughts
That smile just floats on my face
That just sweetens the moment of memory
You just have the effect on me
That just makes me forget all my grievances

But Your Swings on your feelings
Just scare me to the core
They just make me feel
as if
You gonna leave me someday and be gone
You gonna bury me like a ghost of past

But for me, as I know myself
I will always be around 
I will never leave the ground
I will be happy as a ghost
but I would never get buried
I would be around you 
like a tweeting birdie
to make you smile 
even in those hard times

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