Thursday, June 14, 2012

Will Betray You Never

Here's a poem dedicated from a Guy to his Beloved - 

Never did I tell a lie
to cut the cake and get a pie
I just was wandering
when found ur heart just caring
thought of the time to share
with loads of love and care
But then there was this habbit
that proved me to be the rabbit
habbit to open up my shirt 
and go around with babes to flirt
Never thought it would hurt
like milk turned into curd
Our feelings were made sour
I had apologies from me to pour
Trust me for once and for ever
betray you I will never
Please forgive me for once
I wouldn't repeat the sin if you
give me another chance
(No relations with anyone, had written it during a fun filled group outing in 2006 and was all for fun then.  Just found it back in archives and thought of sharing)

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Ujjwala Sharma said...

ye lo ji, main 1 saal idhar udhar kya hui, poems ka naya blog hi bana diya....badhiyaa hai....

abhi aasha kartee hun ki puraani kavitaon ka sangrah bhi hoga yahan....