Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love's Hope

The more you love, the more you feel
There is no chance to turn away
If you thought that there was some hope
To see the light at the end of the tunnel 
The Ray of hope that lit the feeling
Was found buried under sorrow reeling 

Your love for someone doesn't matter s
For more you love more you miss
But someone is not to be blamed
They never loved you nor they ever cared
You should have known that long ago
You should have noticed it in time

The more you love the more you feel
The more you feel the more you miss
You miss your beloved in your dreams 
You miss your beloved in your arms
You miss them every moment
You miss them in your heartbeat

When you don't see them, when they don't talk
You feel that sensation deep inside
You grow sad, sad to hurt your pride
For you it ain't easy to cry in the pain
To hide your emotions you cry, cry in the rain
But still you hope, hope for your love not going in vain

You keep the lamp of love burning
Even if your heart's fuming
You don't want to accept the testimony of time
You don't agree that love is nothing but crime
There's a reason for you to keep the faith
There's a reason for you to believe in that myth

You just refuse to accept it anyway 
Coz you feel it's easy to love than turn away
But it ain't easy to keep the hope alive
Let the heart burn and turn to ash's hive
For more you love, more you feel
More you feel, more you miss your baby

The more you love, the more you cry in pain
To save your pride, you cry in the rain
But, you ain't still ready to believe testimony of time
To love is nothing but a crime
For you love your baby more than your pride
You still hope she would say aye..............
..............................and become your bride

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