Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Public

They would pay bribe to officers
Then they would oppose corruption
They would be the mute spectators
Then they would spearhead protests
When they feel its overdone
They protest with rage & anger
When they feel anger won't work
They conduct candle light vigil
When they feel candles burnt off
They call for hunger strike
When they feel nothing works
They get back to their business
This is the public for you
It comes from all walks of life
It learns to face all the heat
It keeps succumbing to pressures
But when it feels its overdone
It transforms to be the mob
The mob that is faceless
The mob that turns out to be ruthless
When its anger subsides
It turns back to be the public
It reaches back to its shell
To get back to Business as usual 

1 comment:

Freddie said...

Isn't it sad?
Look wt we have come to be.
Do we really deserve Independence?
R we fit to rule ourselves?
But now there is no rollback to wt has happened. We have to get out of this rut and make ourselves proud.
Just singing patriotic songs and shouting Jai Hind or saying "Mera Bharat Mahan" is just a hogwash.
I would prefer to say "Mera Bharat GHAN"