Monday, January 7, 2013

Boat of Insecurity

Come and Sail in the boat of insecurity
In the country of unity in diversity
You wouldn't be surprised with insensitivity
That prevails in the situations with disparity

There is a certain law and order
Something that is neither slim nor broader
This make the criminals tougher and bolder
With courage they rub their shoulder

Plight is the only support of citizens
Curbed are where the thoughts of netizens
Criminals here roam around in society
This is what kills my curiosity

Moving out freely is unsocial here
Politicians also keep switching their gear
They make statements against the victim
They call it as a fault of the victim

Where should we go and pray
When criminals are found in all the array
Politics here is so corrupt and tainted
Criminals have support of politics painted

Real legislation here remains in draft
The situation might grow low and graft
Who would hear our plea and our pain
When everyone is busy with own-self's gain !!


Freddie said...

Sounds more like a newspaper article.


Mayank said...

The sarcasm seems to have worked the way it is intended