Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life's Another Chance

Heading to sleep in the night
I was much relieved & relaxed
Never felt so calm ever before
For the time I remember in past

Never knew when I drifted to sleep
To meet my life in my dream
It's not so often that I dream
And it's rare that I meet my life

But life was there talking to me
Telling me about the chances I got
Life hugged me tight in her arms
Told me I love to be your all the time

I asked for what she deceived me
Why is she behaving as my destiny does
Told her I missed her for the days gone by
Told her to be with me till I meet my love

Life asked me why do I fear for her
She is just not going away from me
She would be mine for the world to know
We got another chance to live in love

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