Saturday, April 21, 2012


Life is so tough with me
Destiny is also not supporting
Today I am lost in a dilemma
How to approach for the solution

Though she departed from my life
Though she vowed never to be back
How do I ask her for my stuff
That's lying close to her

It's not her departure that broke me
It's not her words that hurt me
It's the wrong attitude that she showed
It's the negative feeling that she perceived

I know she wouldn't like to see me
I know she wouldn't like to face me
But, I wouldn't like her to be sad
When she see's my stuff next to her

The stuff is not that important to me
Than her happiness and glint in eyes
The stuff does not hold that value
As the smile on her lovely face

I just don't want her to remember me
When she sees my stuff next to her
My Dilemma is to get that away from her
And preserve it to feel her with me

I beg you life to give me the solution
I request you to end this situation
I know Destiny wouldn't help me
As it has always be against my case

It's not that I value my stuff as much
As I value her peace of mind and happiness
It's not that I would die for my stuff
As I would to see that smile on her face

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