Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gods of War

Gods of War looming around
The world standing still on its ground
Why is human race so profound
Why is hatred spread all around

Why is mankind living to hate
Why they don't open their heart's gate
Why do we realize only when it's too late
Where did love disappear in all this hate

Where is the peace hiding from us
Where are the prayers of peace lost
Where to find the miracle to save the world
How do we save our future to be with us

How do we spread peace with our might
How do we work to end this agony and plight
How do we tell them the wrong and the right
When the Gods of War are looming in sight

When would they hear the far cry and haul
When would they learn not to be an owl
When would they learn to share their bowl
What would make them to stop the crawl

What in the world would help set the peace
What would help Gods of war to be silent a piece
What would make them realize beauty of life
Who will be the first to throw the dagger and knife

If Gods of war are looking around
Are the Gods of peace sleeping on ground
Why doesn't the peace prevail for ever
When would mankind learn to hate never

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