Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Like You Loved me never

Just like you loved me never
I would love you for ever
It was so easy for you
It was routine & nothing new

You spoke to me with a pointed finger
Your words worked like a sharp ringer
You shut me from your life
Cut the cord with a bitter knife

How easy was it for you to quit
How calmly your each word fit
How lonely those blames made me
How shocking your points were to me

Disoriented is my life from the event
I fell like gazing the Pasture from pavement
Never thought you would be so rude
Never thought you would turn such a brute

But am happy to see your true colors 
Am glad that you did open cusses shower
Though I couldn't stand your verbal attack
It it shatter your good image of stack

All the while I had been thinking
I loved a nice gal was my feeling
But the day you departed from sight
I got to know what you did or what you might

I would pray for your happiness through life
I would pray you do become someone's wife
I would pray that God don't give you back
What you left for others on their life's rack

Just like you loved me never
I would love you for ever
You should get what you deserve
Happiness shouldn't be your reserve

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