Wednesday, April 25, 2012

माफीनामा / Apologies

जिंदगी कि जद्दोजहद में इस कदर उलझे
कि गम-ऐ-उल्फत में लफ्ज़ बेजार हो गए
मोहलत कुछ दिनों की गर मिल जाए
तो आपसे हम फिर रूबरू होंगे

Lost out in the world in such a fashion that the words have dried up.  Apologies, but if I get time out for sometime, I would surely be back here....

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Rebellion said...

In a bid to revive Mayank's Poems and his blog that he has removed from this link, I have hosted a copy at - that site would be up till Mayank revives this blog back to its older shape.