Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heart's Cry

When I loved someone, the way I do
I went all the miles to show my love
I thought I will do anything
To win her heart and get her in my life

I guess I was too mean and tried hard
To find her turn her back to me
I lost the sight and resorted to fight
The fight that lead me to death

But death also betrayed me
Just like my trusted friend did
I was all at loss and wondering
For what wrong did I do

Why couldn't I change her heart
Why couldn't I win her love
When I knew she would go
Why did I fall in love

I knew it from when it began
She might hurt me some day
I knew the day would come
I knew it could kill me

Still I loved her the way I did
I let her be the one she is
I loved her the way I do
Forgetting the pain & agony

At the end of the journey
I just not broke my heart
I lost all my might to love
I lost all my sight to life

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