Thursday, April 19, 2007

The World

Around in this World
We just look for a Girl
A Girl to Fit our Dreams
A Girl to Love our Grins
A Girl to Hold our Hand
A Girl to Blow our Band
A Girl to Hug and Kiss
In Her absense to Miss

I am also single and looking
With my life grining and mocking
Though have and Open Booking
For the place in my Heart
But you never saw that feeling
In my heart that's reeling
With these words I let you know
In the name of Love I now Bow

Come and accept my love
You are my Darling my Dove
I ask you to me my life
Be with me as my wife
You love me tell me that
Make my day an immortal date
Listen to me one last time
Let your Yes be the wind Chime

Waiting here I am for your Word

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