Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Way You Walk

When I see thee around
Walking on the ground
My heart almost jumps
Heartbeat just thumps

When thy hips move and sway
My eyes just stick to the way
Looking at thy awesome curves
Blood rushes through nerves

With thy foot claps approaching
Heat of moment goes scorching
When you cross my seat
Our heads node and eyes meet

When thee pass on the smile
That takes me several miles
Intoxicating is thy fragrance
Full of Eroticism and romance

Thee just ignite Love for thee
With the way thy walk past me
That walk and those looks
Seem to me tenterhooks

I shall always pray
For that lovely sway
Cause its mesmerizing
and tantalizing

The Way You Walk


Shubho said...

Very Nicely written!!! Am impressed

Vaibhav Bhandari said...

I can see the love bug in you. Is it the same Mayank?