Monday, April 9, 2007

Wars - They Destroy More

I am one proud soldier

With armour on shoulder
Sitting in the calm
Looking at my palm
Distinct from the crowd
Just feeling li'l proud
I was drowned in my thought
On the war that were fought

The thought of war cry
Always make me feel shy
Shy as my job is to kill
Against my own very will
But to guard nation's grace
And to suppress enemy's craze
We need to just fight
With all of our might

But what does a war give
It just is cause to peeve
peeve the human race
And to hurt God's grace
It just destroys the meadows
Add to the orphans and widow's
It's hardly someone's gain
But sure to be a mass pain

So why impose a war on population
That to just to mar civilization
Civilization of Love and Humanity
With the divine bliss of Serenity
I just fail to understand
The cause and the stand
That the rulers have to take
For what decisions do they make

---------Signing off---------
With a hope to Kill
In my own Will
Will to kill the reason
Eradicate the War Season