Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why But Why

Why don't you recall the time
Why don't you just keep rhyme
Why don't you sit and relax
Why don't you put aside the Axe

All this time I saw
Your anger has been raw
Raw with your honesty
Just like a clan a dynasty

If it just were my fault
It would have been a jolt
But then Don't blam me
cause am not going on my knee

It was more of the situation
That went through a sensation
I should not given an explanation
But am sufering from exhaution

Why are you doing all this
Forgetting the time of bliss
I might have hurt your pride
But I was always by your side

You need to understand this
Am not giving any chance a miss
I want all this to end
No more words to ever Bend

Let live in Peace and Harmony
To taste frinedship's Honey
You are just a wonderful Person
Be it spring or winter season

I just fail to understand -
Why are you playing trumpet Band..??