Thursday, April 19, 2007

Significance of Tear

Used to wonder always
why do we cry?
why these tears roll down?
from where, do they come in eyes?

tried looking for an answer
in every nook and corner
but then could not find
even in the sharpest mind

then one day I forgot
to hit my meeting spot
called my darling from her walk
straight she was on the point to talk

I reached there only to see
She was crying waiting for me
I just held her in my arms
trying to cajole her with my charms

I was trembling and in fear
when I caught hold of her tear
I asked tear about its origin
hear the story of tear begin

tear told me the whole show
while jumping high and low
then the tear said
and my wait paid

Below is how the tear told me the story am putting it the way tear told me. Here you go -

Tear -

Here is something you should know
in front of your luck I bow
its for your presence I go
cause you sink in heart too low
you displace me from my home
I can go anywhere even to rome
I give you all my wishes
to be togather till you are ashes

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