Thursday, April 19, 2007

So What if I love you

What if I love you
for the simplicity in you
for the mischiviousness in you
for the depth in your eyes
for the dimples in your cheek
for the sweetness in your talk
for the sway in your walk
for the beauty of your Soul
for the lovely smile on your face
for the intriguing looks
for your love of the books

So what if I love you
for the gem of person you are
You don't have to love me back
Cause I just love you
for what you are
the confidence that oozes
from your Body Language

Please don't love me cause I love you
Please don't lvoe me for money I spend on you
Please don't love me for attention I give you
Please don't love me for anything but
My Honesty and my truthfulness
Everything else in me is void to guess

1 comment:

Vaibhav Bhandari said...

wow! simply amazing.... really appreciate your thoughts