Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Walk and The Wind

Walking togather on beach
With your hand in mine,
Under the moonlit sky
Your face has that shine

The mild bustling Wind
Making your hair flow
Reflecting moonlit from sea
Making your face to glow

The shine of your face
The glow in your eyes
The charm in your voice
All making me to say

I want to Say something with my might
While my heart is going low in plight
Looking at your smile makes me shy
I want to speak but my throat is dry

I just put my mouth
Right close to your ears
And whisper through
The sound of waves

Don't go away ever from me
I beg you while down on my knee
I love you is all I would say
I propose you this evening of May.......

1 comment:

Vaibhav Bhandari said...

O my!... reading your love peoms one after the other... can't believe it man... all the poems are awesome.