Thursday, May 30, 2013

IPL 6 Controversy

Looking beyond the game
One where we see a lot of Shame
I wanted to understand the Administration
Where everyone is taking out the frustration

The Chief who is liable to bow
Under the light of pressure he is supposed to go
The Office bearers where are alleging
Misshapes are something that they are disowning

The game that has lead the nation to shame
Where everyone has someone else to blame
Today is marred with a lot of controversy
To make it up there is no one with a policy

The game today is surrounded by polity
The game that once was lauded for quality
Politicians are up with arms of words
Everyone is ready to drag their own swords

But what happened has only put us to shame
For once again greed took over the game
Bookies are out there playing with money
Top honchos are not less than being crooney 

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