Sunday, May 5, 2013

I See My World in You

Walking in the grass with my shovel
I dug through life to find a vowel
A vowel that would help get peace
Reconstruct life from its every piece

Rubbing off everything from life's slate
Search of love made me land in this state
I always thought its never too late
One can fight the destiny to control the fate

But search of love got me to this juncture
Life takes all that make it look ruptured
You are my only hope in this race
You are the only one who can help my case

Not sure why my anger on destiny doesn't go away
It just makes my mood swing absurd sway
I know it hurts you all the times
But you are my only hope to let life's lyrics rhyme

I can only beg and plead to solve my life's mystery
For I have a very deep and sad history
You are though my present and my future
I trust you for you have my life to nurture

Shadows of past are haunting me time and again
What they bring to me is only pain
I wanna cry a loud but can't find that rain
Without your support I don't thin I would have any gain

Please be by my side to hold me hard
Please help me shuffle and win life's game of card
I can't promise the world to you 
But can say that I see my world in you!!

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