Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Have Had Enough

We have had it enough to face
Running against time's race
When the world is moving forward
We are made to march backwards

The words today shout out loud
Actions have diminished in the crowd
What we used to feel proud about
Is lost in anti-national sprout

We have had it enough to face
With you trying to make your case
India today is with its forces
Shun the human rights for terrorist torches

The nation today knows the fact
It can make out what to select
You can try to preach your view
To believe or not is nation's purview

We have had it enough to hear
Now we are all ready to Swear
And we swear by the Constitution
Don't need no body's damn permission

We today stand by the forces
Without wearing the media glasses
We have decide to quit those classes
Which always misleads the masses

Gone are the days when we followed
Gone are the days when we were bestowed
Today's youth need not follow the ordeal
For we have had enough that we now seal!! 

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