Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Small Coffin Big Message

The pain in the heart broke barriers
The tears in the eyes didn't stop
My soul today burnt alive
When I heard the bullets fire like beehive

It is the Black day in recent time
Guns Blazing instead of wind chime
For those at the place of worship
Undermined the life on religions' whip

Massacred were innocent children
Those who didn't even know their cause
Those small Coffins when will be buried
Hearts would cry aloud, souls would hurt

Those small Coffins would weigh more
When they would be carried on
Those Coffins would remind parents
For their pupil who were in them

Those small Coffins need to be put to rest
And with them put do your very best
Put and end to support the terror
It never proved to be fruitful to anyone

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