Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Plea to Come Back

The tide of the time
wants to test the rhyme
the depth of the horizon
wants to bury me in the prison

I wonder how deep the roots go
I wonder how long it would dwell
The testing and the tryst with destiny
or should I say my lucks on mutiny

The way you turn your face away
I miss that walk and the sway
Why you have to do this to me
Without you there is no we

Please come back to stand the tide
Please help me rhyme the ride
Please help me fight the odds of horizon
Please don't leave me to this prison

I don't want the roots of fight go deeper
I don't want it to find that odd sleeper
I am done with the tryst of destiny 
I can't face my luck's mutiny

I love you the way you are
Please put away your sword of war
Your anger kills me to pieces
Please don't leave me to ashes

Please get over with your anger
Please put all woes on a hanger
Come back to me my love
I can't think of the day without you, my dove

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