Saturday, June 3, 2017


I still remember the summer time
I still remember the wind chime
I still remember when our words rhyme
I still remember our partnership in crime

Over the years of life that passed
Through tick and thins that crossed
You always had a company
Whenever you felt empty and lonely

I trusted you forever and for good
But you seems to have chopped me like wood
Stabbed me at my back is what you did
Pretending for my pal and my friend

You forgot what all I did for you
You messed it all up without a clue
You forgot that I know your person
You eloped resulting in a treason

Don't worry I wouldn't harm you 
It's a bitter pill that I will chew
Trust me that I wouldn't betray you
My lips are sealed with my promise's glue

One thing that I wouldn't know for sure
One thing that I know wouldn't ever cure
I wish I would have known the fact
I wish to privileged to know the cause of act

But now it all seems to me as the secret
Hiding away in life's some docket
Seems like this is the actual portrayal
Your nature is full of nothing but Betrayal

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