Sunday, June 11, 2017

Life's Trust

Shades of life presented to me
The kinds to bend my knee
But the bent of my knee
Made life to be stung by bee

Writing of fate was right there on card
Poison of the sting was pretty hard
The pain took its toll on my life
Felt like my heart was torn apart by a knife

Hard it was to actually believe the betrayal
Such was their way to have the portrayal
Point sharp was their way of allegation
The way they ensure to give it the elevation

Sharp was the knife used to cut the chords
Pointed enough were arrows to penetrate the boards
Shades of life the way were presented
Seemed to have their all colors confesticated 

Shades of life were unknown to the fact
To the point that my learning were intact
Without beating them to the dust 
I could win back my life's trust 

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