Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Are We Independent

From morning till evening
We slog to make living
From night to dawn
We spend time Dreaming

Hope is the word we rely on
Time is what we con
Everyday & every night
We try to gather our might

Still we are someone's slave
Though we try to be brave
Knowing that we end in grave
We still try our best to be brave

We serve for family
But, that's not our slavery
We serve in our community
But that doesn't bring the calamity

Still we are born to be slave
Slave to those who make matters grave
Those who rule the way we think
Those who rule the way we wink

We are slaves to the Politicians
We are slave to the Mathematicians
We are slave of these abnormals
Who tend to show they solve our problems

Media is another one to enslave us
They serve their poison to us
Yet we think we are independent
Though we wear their thought pendant

We are independent only in our thoughts
Yet our life is a symbol of slavery
Slaves is what we would be
Till we decide to break the boundary!!!

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