Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Blast

When they cause that blast
They just leave us aghast
In shock and surprise
We look for some reprieve

But they being they
Just stick to the Guns
They think they would martyr
To be with God in heaven

Least they think they would rot in hell
For spreading the gun powder smell
To spoil the beauty of life
They are ought to be sliced with knife

When they open that indiscriminate fire
In the hell they light up their pyre
Off they would be kicked on the butt
Wouldn't get even a single virgin in their hut

For the light they burn in their home
With the blood of innocent humans
They are bound to rot in hell
Certainly not to bound in any divine spell

When they cause that blast on earth
They prepare themselves for dearth
The dearth for mercy in the court of humanity
The dearth of mercy to be in divinity!!!

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